Abhyangam (Massage)

Abhyangam is the quintessential Ayurvedic therapy, where our expert Ayurveda Sanctuary therapists give you a soothing head and body massage with lukewarm Ayurvedic oil. Regular Abhyangam enhances blood circulation, improves immunity and skin complexion, and relaxes the mind.

Shirodhara (Third eye Therapy)

Shirodhara is a therapy unique to Kerala, in which a steady stream of medicated oil is slowly poured onto your forehead, in a specific pattern. You will enjoy forty minutes of full body therapy during this process. It provides mental relaxation and sound sleep, and helps with migraine, headache, hair problems and skin disorders.

Kizhi (Herbal Soother)

One of the most refreshing therapies that you can treat your senses to, Kizhi is a soothing herbal therapy, in which our therapists give you a warm massage with roasted leaf/powder bags, after 30 minutes of head-to-toe Ayurvedic oil therapy. This provides effective relief from spasms and stiffness of muscles, joint pain and backache, lubricates the joints, and strengthens the spinal muscles. It also enhances peripheral blood circulation, cleanses circulation channels and detoxifies the body.

Pizhichil Treatment

Pizhichil, which literally means squeezing, is Kerala Ayurveda’s unique contribution. Here, warm medicated oil from a cloth that’s immersed in the same, is squeezed over the body. Our therapists will squeeze the oil with their right hand as they gently give you a massage, in downward strokes, with their left hand. Pizhichil provides relief from body pain and muscle spasms, and preserves and promotes optimum health. It also promotes muscle development and enhances blood circulation and skin complexion with its anti-aging and revitalizing therapeutic oils.

Abhyangam – Neck and Shoulder

For many people, the neck and shoulder are areas of the body where they experience excessive soreness and tension, since the present lifestyle calls for working at a desk or computer, all day long. Abhyangam therapy, with or without herbal oils, relieves these tension build-ups and relaxes the body.

Shiro Abhyangam

Shiro Abhyangam is a gloriously relaxing yet invigorating experience, where you can drift away as our therapist frees you from the stress and strains of daily life. This therapy includes massaging the scalp – one of the main tension bearing areas of the body – with or without Ayurvedic oils, in the traditional Indian style. It deeply relaxes and balances the nervous system, and enhances sensory perception. It also improves blood circulation in the brain, strengthens hair roots, and gives it the bounce it deserves.

Kizhi – Neck and Shoulder Therapy

In Kizhi treatment, freshly plucked herbs that are cooked in Ayurvedic oils and packed into bags, are gently applied all over the neck and shoulder, after hand therapy. This relieves spasms and stiffness of the neck, shoulder and upper back muscles. It is very effective for cervical spondylosis.

Padabhyanga – Foot Massage

Since we tend not to give our feet much importance, small twinges and discomforts are left unhealed. If you are a person whose job entails a lot of standing/walking around, you will find the Padabhyanga therapy especially beneficial. It provides you with the means to ease these tensions, and to revitalize this very dear, weight-­bearing part of the body.

Pada Kizhi – Leg and Foot Care

In the Pada Kizhi treatment, freshly plucked herbs that are cooked in Ayurvedic oils and packed into bags, are gently applied over the legs and feet, after traditional hand therapy. This provides relief from spasms, stiffness and muscle cramps, and also from sciatic, knee and ankle pain.